Derpy World Update

We made some minor improvements to Derpy World which will improve the gameplay.

  • Improved player collision
  • Fixed one of the player textures that made the animation look bad
  • Fixed infinite reset when holding one of the reset buttons
  • Fixed window title

If you already have the game you will need to download it again to receive the updates.

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Space Tanks IndieDB

Space Tanks has been added and authorized at IndieDB. If you track the game there you will get notifications about everything we post and/or update.

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Derpy World Released

Derpy World is a short platformer that I made as a school project a long time ago, so I decided to release it even though it’s not coded very well. I might add more levels, enemies and objects later on if it gets enough downloads. There is a readme file in the zip archive that explains the controls and how you can start the game, I recommend reading it before you start playing. The game is available at our games page. Have fun!

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Horror Game Update

Most of the technical stuff is done and I am currently working on level design. There is still lots of work left though such as the A.I. system for the monsters, which will take a while to finish. But once we finish the A.I. for most of the monsters we can release a preview of the actual game!

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Space Tanks Update

First of all, the name of our new Flash game has been decided. It will be called Space Tanks from now on. Here is the progress on the game so far:

  • Player control
  • Enemy control
  • Player detection
  • Bullets and damage
  • Object collision
  • Bullet collision
  • Player health
  • Enemy health
  • Unfinished level system
  • Some optimization

I will post more updates as we progress so stay tuned.

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We are currently working on another side-project, a 2D shooter which will be more extensive than our previous Flash game. It will be released somewhere in the next few weeks. After this side-project we will continue to work on our main project, the 3D horror game.

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Project Update

Our horror game that is currently in development will probably be released later this year. We made some great progress on the game the last couple of months. I can’t give too much details yet, but more information and previews will be posted before the release so stay tuned!

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Jumper Released

We have just released our small game Jumper! It is a small side-project and no effort was put into the graphics, but it is very addictive and fun to play. It is now available at our games page.

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New Team Members Found

Thank you for all the applications that I received the last couple of weeks. I am glad to announce that I found some great talented people to work with on this game and maybe even on future projects. Stay tuned for information about the release date and previews of the game!

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Help Wanted

Flying-Potato is currently working on a 3D horror game, therefor I am searching for an experienced 3D modeler and 2D artist (for art and textures). Interested? Please contact me at

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