Monthly Archives September 2013

Derpy World Update 2

We have uploaded a new version of Derpy World because lately anti-virusses have noted that our game contains a virus. This is not true of course. A tool that we used to decrease the size of files caused false positives in anti-virusses because after this process they were unable to scan the files correctly and thus automatically flagged them as suspicious. The new version of Derpy World does not use this tool anymore, so it should work just fine now. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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Space Tanks Canceled

Our 2D tactical shooter Space Tanks has been canceled. This has multiple reasons, but the main reason is that we pretty much lost interest in developing with Flash and want to focus on serious games completely. The Space Tanks project might be revived some time, but not in the near future. From this point we will spend all our time on the 3D horror game and other big projects. Thanks for your understanding.

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