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Space Tanks Canceled

Our 2D tactical shooter Space Tanks has been canceled. This has multiple reasons, but the main reason is that we pretty much lost interest in developing with Flash and want to focus on serious games completely. The Space Tanks project might be revived some time, but not in the near future. From this point we will spend all our time on the 3D horror game and other big projects. Thanks for your understanding.

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Space Tanks IndieDB

Space Tanks has been added and authorized at IndieDB. If you track the game there you will get notifications about everything we post and/or update.

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Space Tanks Update

First of all, the name of our new Flash game has been decided. It will be called Space Tanks from now on. Here is the progress on the game so far:

  • Player control
  • Enemy control
  • Player detection
  • Bullets and damage
  • Object collision
  • Bullet collision
  • Player health
  • Enemy health
  • Unfinished level system
  • Some optimization

I will post more updates as we progress so stay tuned.

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We are currently working on another side-project, a 2D shooter which will be more extensive than our previous Flash game. It will be released somewhere in the next few weeks. After this side-project we will continue to work on our main project, the 3D horror game.

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